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    Prof. Andrew B. Kahng at UC San Diego.
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    4800 Great America Parkway
    Santa Clara CA 95054

    160 Rio Robles
    San Jose CA 95134

    3655 North First Street
    San Jose, CA. 95134

    Siemens EDA
    46859 Bayside Parkway
    Fremont CA 94538
    Upcoming Events

    C-DEN Workshop

    Siemens EDA
    May 19, 2022
    Tentively 10am - 3pm



    The Center for Design-Enabled Nanofabrication (C-DEN), with cross-disciplinary expertise in lithography, resists, etch, integration and computer-aided design, will investigate challenges in design, patterning and fabrication of integrated systems at the 5nm node and beyond. Over its four-year span (2016-2020), we expect the center to continually support 12-15 students and 10-11 PIs through industry funding matched with reduced overhead rates (~25%) and administrative support from the three UC campuses. Our research is organized according to three thrusts - patterning, integration, and design enablement. Details are available at http://cden.ucsd.edu/thrusts.php.