IMPACT+ Seminar Schedule  

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Seminars are held from 1:10pm

Date Presenter Topic Abstract
4/30/2015 Rene Claus Quantitative Phase Measurement under Partially Coherent Illumination applied to EUV Mask Metrology Abstract
10/23/2014 Shangliang Jiang Image Processing Algorithms for Model-Based Fracturing with Shot Overlap Abstract
6/26/2014 Yow-Gwo (Henry) Wang Phase-Enhanced Defect Sensitivity for EUV Mask Inspection Abstract
4/3/2014 Claire Baek Real-time Inspection System Utilizing Scatterometry Pupil Data Abstract
1/30/2014 Abde Ali Kagalwalla , UCLA EUV Mask Defect Avoidance and Design Implications Abstract
11/21/2013 Rene Claus , UCB Phase and Amplitude Recovery of Mask Roughness using an EUV Microscope Abstract
01/26/11 Prof. Tsu-Jae King-Liu , UCB Impact of Random Variations on Tunnel FET Performance Abstract
02/09/11 Prof. Fiona Doyle, UCB Experimental testing of tribochemical model for copper CMP the unexpected role of non-oxidative material removal Abstract
02/17/11 BEARS    
02/23/11 Dr. Rajasree Baskaran, Intel Template based microchip assembly Abstract
03/05/11 IMPACT 7th Workshop    
03/16/11 Prof. Jane Chang, UCLA Parameter Quantification for Predictive Feature Scale Modeling Abstract
03/30/11 Prof. Costas Spanos, UCB Integrated Circuit Variability Abstract
04/13/11 Prof. Puneet Gupta, UCLA Early and Systematic Co-Evaluation of Design Rules, Technologies and Layout Styles Abstract
04/27/11 Prof. Andy Neureuther Anticipating Lithography Variation in Design Abstract